Category Expansion with Q&A documentation

The "Category Expansion with Q&A" is a plugin that provides Q&A content that allows customers who visit the site to display category products that match their answers by asking them a few questions.

How to use


In the settings page of this plugin, you can set the following:

  1. Block name

  2. Number of answers you want to the questions

  3. First question

"Block Name" is the heading used when displaying content in a Q&A format. If left blank, the Block Name will not be displayed.

The number of questions you want to ask customers before displaying category products is set here. By answering the number of questions set here, category products will be displayed. The number of questions can be set up to a maximum of 5.

The first question is the content to be asked first to customers who have visited the site.

Register questions and answers

After setting up the various settings, you can register the questions and answers that follow the first question. When you activate the plugin, the "Management" menu will be displayed under Shop Admin. Please use it from there.

You can register the following here:

  1. Answer name

  2. Question when answer is clicked

  3. Image

  4. Destination category

You will manage it as a hierarchy. First, enter the expected answers for the first question registered in the various settings.

For example, if you are running a shoe store and setting up a first question like "What kind of shoes are you looking for?", you can register expected answers such as "shoes focusing on functionality" and "shoes focusing on design".

Enter the content of the questions you would like to ask in the "Questions when clicking on answers" item. For example, if the answer is "shoes with emphasis on functionality", the question might be "What kind of functionality do you prioritize?" This item will not be displayed if no further questions are needed.

Let's also register images to make it easier to imagine the answer. Images are more informative than words and can convey the content quickly, so they are effective.

Furthermore, you can register the destination category for the last question. Please set the category that you can recommend to customers who answered until the end.

Settings of block

A block called "Q&A Contents" has been registered on the Theme Editor page, so please set it up in any location. Please note that use in the sidebar is not expected. By setting this up, customers will be able to use content in the form of Q&A.

If the number of registered answers is three or more (two or more on smartphones), they will be displayed in multiple lines.

In the end

Questions and bug reports are welcome. If you have any questions, please contact me.

I have over 15 years of experience as a system engineer involved in e-commerce systems, and for 8 of those years I have been a freelancer helping many customers with their EC businesses. Rest assured that a highly experienced engineer will be handling your request.

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